The poet and journalist Marin Verrina, in service of Peace

Marin Marash Verrina was born on April 05, 1973 in Bushat of Shkodra. He passed his childhood in his birthplace, in Bushat. He belongs to a family and tribe of early patriotic traditions as a part of families from Shkodra who were dedicated for many years to the protection of Albanian lands. He finished his primary and secondary school in Bushat of Shkodra. He also finished the high school in Bushat of Shkodra. He left from Albania in 1990 toward Greece. He lived there for 10 years. He lived and worked in Athens. He has made different works as all the immigrants with the wish to earn and to return to invest in Albania to make their own country more prosperous and civilized as European countries. In 2000-2007 he lived in Italy, Regio Emilia. There he opened a construction company. In 2007 he went to Australia. There he also opened a construction company, which still works now a days.

Marin Verrina is a skilled businessman to manage his own business, to earn for himself and to treat as well as possible the workers that help him.

He is a man of charitable soul. He works and earns for himself and helps people in need and humanitarian organisms of the community where he lives and works and also those in Shkodra. Marin Verrina is an intellectual of missionary soul, who puts his skills in service of human peace.

Marin Verrina is also poet and publicist. He has published many poetries and writings for his birthplace and homeland. A part of his poetries he has collected in a common volume with his sister Majlinda Verrina. Marin and Majlinda Verrina published their book in 2000. The book was titled “Deti midis nesh” (The sea among us).

Marin Verrina is a regular collaborator of print media, especially of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.

Marin Verrina as a missionary of peace regularly collaborates with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN. He is Honorary Advisor of this mission.

Advisor of DMPP

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Rafael Pepaj – Missionary of Peace and Journalist

Rafael Zef Pepaj was born on March16, 1986 in Shkodra.
He passed his childhood in Ashte village of Shkodra.
He finished his primary school in Ashte, Shkodra, whereas his secondary school in Kosmaç village of Shkodra district.

In 2000, when he was 14 years old, Rafael Pepaj went to Jacksonville, Florida, USA. There he also finished the high school and was educated and specialized for business.

In 2002, Rafael Pepaj established in Florida a construction company with the label “Brother’s Group Construction”.

In 2007, he opened in Albania a factory called VP Capital Sh. P. K, which produces tiles and concrete blocks for constructions. Rafael Pepaj collaborates with his community for the expansion of the work in the factory.

He is a personality with charitable soul and a part of his incomes he spends helping humanitarian organizations and needy categories. Rafael Pepaj is one of the newest missionaries of peace of Shkodra.

Rafael Pepaj dedicates a part of his time to the publicistics. In his articles with social thematic he reflects the development of Shkodra and Albania. He is a correct collaborator of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.

Loalda Duka
Advisor od DMPP

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The intellectual Agim Mero – Honorary Consul of DMPP

Agim Lasko Mero was born on 12 May 1962 in Fier. He passed his childhood in his birthplace. He finished his primary and secondary school in Fier. He finished the high school for diesel technician in Patos in 1976-81. He is graduated for History-Geography in Eqerem Çabej University in Gjirokaster.

Agim Mero has worked for a long period as a diesel technician in the company of geo-physics of Patos, until 1992.

In 1993 he started his business as administrator of the company Mero sh.p.k., Fier, as only partner. He has practiced and continues to practice business in different fields of economy. He is a successful businessman.

Agim Mero is also distinguished for his contributions in community. He knows how to earn and with a part of the earnings, he supports the needy categories and humanitarian institutions of Fier and Albania.

Agim Mero is erudite intellectual and with his skills he is transformed into a spiritual leader for his community in Fier. He, with his articles of social problematic, is a correct collaborator of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.

Agim Mero is intellectual with charitable soul. As a charitable man and missionary he is also dedicated to the Cause of Peace. Agim Mero as a Missionary of Peace has some years that collaborates with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN.

The intellectual Agim Mero is an Honorary Consul of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Loalda Duka
Advisor of DMPP

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Saimir Mehmeti – Missionary of Peace

Saimir Mehmet Mehmeti was born in Fier on 19 November 1965. He belongs to a family and tribe with patriotic traditions. He passed his childhood in his birthplace. He was educated in Fier. He has made different works in Fier.

In 1993 until 2000 he went in emigration with the dream to be wealthy. Then he returned to Albania with the wish to invest his earnings he made in emigration.

In 2005 Saimir Mehmeti opened the company Renoil Petrol, where he is administrator and only partner.

Through this business Saimir Mehmeti created incomes for his family, employed a considerable number of people in need of his community. With his work he was gradually transformed into a person with charitable soul, willing to help people in economic difficulties.

Saimir Mehmeti due to his work, is now a missionary of peace and collaborates with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

The missionary of peace Saimir Mehmeti is Honorary Advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN.

Loalda Duka
Advisor of DMPP

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Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh – Revered Diplomat from India

Dr. Siddhartha Ghoshwas born on 21st February 1975 in Kolkata in an illustrious family. His father is the Deputy Director General of Ministry of Defense of India. His uncle is the Group Captain of Indian Air Force and his grandfather is the Chief Engineer in the Government of India. He did his primary & secondary schooling in Mumbai, where he spent twelve years of his childhood. Siddhartha returned to Kolkata – his birthplace in 1990, where he went on to higher studies. In Kolkata, he completed Graduation, Post-Graduation, Doctorate and Post Doctorate degrees. Siddhartha is the older brother of his sister. He has travelled to many countries as part of his diplomatic appointment as Consul & Ambassador to the Nation of New Guinea and Ambassador at Large to the country of UMMOA. Along with being a diplomat, he is also aSub-Editor of an English News Magazine, for which he enjoys the International VIP Press Card. Siddhartha has been conferred with many National & International Awards for his contribution in International Diplomacy & as an accredited Editorial Board Member of the International News Magazine. Recently in April 2012, Ghosh was honored with the Government of Tibet Blue Book (Tibetan Diplomatic Passport) by H.E. TempaTsering – Cabinet Minister to Tibet Govt. for his contribution to International Diplomacy in developing mutual relationship between Tibet Government, UMMOA & the Nation of New Guinea. The notables awards are: The Marquis Who’s Who Award and Biography in the Who’s Who of the World 2010, 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of 21st Century Award and Biography by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, Knighthood title as ‘Sir’, Assam University Government of India National Award for academic and educational contribution to the development of society, Indian Institute of Materials Management National Award in 2005 for his services to the Materials Management Profession, MSPI Distinguished Man of the Year 2005 Award, Jet Airways Service Award and Jet Airways Performance Award for the year 2005 and 2007 and Management Excellence Award for his contribution in Management. He is also the Fellow of the prestigious International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Singapore, Management Studies Promotion Institute, United Writers Association, St. Rene Descartes University and International Association of Trade Training Organizations Argentina. Siddhartha is the Executive Director & Goodwill Ambassador of Humanity for SPMUDA, Deputy Vice President – International Affairs SPMUDA, Director General – India for Peace for People, Professor, Dean & Chancellor of five leading international universities and a globally revered International Airline Director & a powerful personality in the global aviation industry. As an Airline industry veteran, he is an International Licensed Airline Trainer. He is holding offices in many senior positions in various organizations like at present he is the President & International Director of an International organization, which is having consultative status with United Nations, Advisor of Harvard Business Review under Harvard University. Siddhartha has authored six books & numerous articles in various international magazines & journals and is a regular guest in television and print media.
By qualification, he is a Ph.D., D.Litt.,D.Sc.,Post-Doctoral Fellow, D.A., D.D(Triple), Doctoral Fellow, MBA(Double), Commerce Graduate &Six Sigma Green Belt by qualification. He is also a certified Software Professional of St. Xavier’s College Kolkata. In 1997, the University of Cambridge had certified him in Business English with highest grade which was a record for that year.
Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh has twenty years of rich experience in industry as well as in academics. His experience ranges in the areas of Airlines, Shipping, Marketing, Retail, Logistics, Materials Management, Software Development, Inventory, Supply Chain Management, training, professorship, academic administration& international diplomacy.
He is a much acclaimed speaker and orator on management issues and has been a regular invitee at the International Supply Chain Management Forum, Dubai of Institute of International Research Middle East, which is regarded as the biggest Supply Chain Management event of Middle East. Also, he was an invited speaker and Distinguished Guest of Honor at Assam University in 2010 and at Indian Institute of Management Indore in 2005. Apart from this, he has the distinction of presenting several technical papers in National and International Conferences in IITs, IIMs, Kurukshetra University, Punjabi University, Jain University, Utkal University, IISWBM, All India Management Association, Nantes Business School, France and Harvard University.
Being the acclaimed intellectual, diplomat andeditor,Siddhartha Ghoshis a dedicated diplomat advocating world peace and now is also the Honorary Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Advisor of DMPP

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Sportsman, politician and missionary of peace

(Notes about the sportsman Muharrem Berisha, Director of Politics of the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity)
He has been a champion of the Balkans in weightlifting, many times champion and winner of several Gold Medals in the country and in international events; a successful politician, but also a man that gives his contribution for peace, this is the great Muharrem Berisha.

To be a champion like Muharrem Berisha
Muharrem Berisha, Champion of the Balkans in weightlifting, has started his career as an amateur, but very fast, since 15, he was proclaimed champion for the first time and ever since then, in 1979, he becomes the absolute champion in the country, but years later even in the Balkans. But Muharrem Berisha is not good only in sport. After 1990, after having gone abroad, he returned in homeland and was first called to the political force of the National Front. Later, he didn’t feel well there, he went to the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), where he continues his political career with much success. Muharrem Berisha also gives his contribution for peace.

The beginnings in weightlifting career have been quite random for Muharrem Berisha, but then took the path of success by ranking him among the golden weightlifters of Albania with some gold medals and was declared champion of the Balkans. But even though he is one of the best, he is not one of those that sees the others from up. On the contrary he is simple, communicative and attentive when he talks with someone. Regarding the simplicity, he says: “People once told me you are a great sportsman. Among these great men of today, I feel small”.
And this says a lot about the Champion of the Balkans in weightlifting. He likes the beauty and loves humor. He is keen on travel, reading and many other hobbies. The champion in weightlifting, Muharrem Berisha, is one of those figures that not only honors the Albanian sport, but all Albanian nation making the Albanians feel proud of his name. His coach has been Ferid Barber, another champion in this sport, who said that he is one of the best that he has prepared.

The sport of weightlifting neglected
Talking with Muharrem Berisha is not difficult at all, on the contrary he is opened, gives concrete ideas, especially for sport, but why not also for politics and many other fields where he analyzes, but he also gives philosophical thoughts or imposes sentences by different authors or his own statements. During the converation with him, firstly we talked about sport. He says that weightlifting is the only sport that has brought in Albania more Gold Medals, but it is also the sport which has lack of attention from the government. “Government should take care of this”, Berisha says and adds that this kind of sport has made Albania known in those years when Albania was isolated and was almost unknown around the world.
“When we were asked where we came from, they confused Albania with other states. Noone knew where it extended. It was us, the sportsmen that more than its diplomats, made Albania known around the world”, Muharrem Berisha reminds not without regret the time of dictatorship when they went abroad in olympics or championships.
Asked for his colleagues who achieve excellent results, he answers that he is very proud whereas in cases where his younger colleagues were announced as users of banned substances in competition, he says that even here the government should intervene. So, it is needed more assistance from the government to know in depth the problems of sport.
“In our country as in other states should be taken measures against those who commit these offenses”, – emphasizes Muharram Berisha, while adding that even coaches who are today, leave much to be desired.

The entrance in politics
He is not the first sportsman that is in politics. In 1997, when he came back from abroad, the first “station” has been that of politics. And he had his success always guaranteed thanks to his dedicated work that characterizes always and in everything. “My success is not based on the fame that I have, but based on my work and dedication”, – he says when starts to tell about his career in politics. First he has been with the National Front inspired by such national historical figures like Mid’hat Frasheri and even by “Decalogue”, so “10 Items”, of the program of this political force, which he liked very much and he felt that this political force was for him, but he states that this political force was very sealed: “When I went there for the first time, they asked me what was my attachment to this political force and I didn’t like this for the reason that this question was also made by the leaders of the Communist Party while competing at the sport. So, in my opinion, a political force should be opened”… Some years later, for these features, he went to the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI). He adds that in this political force he has found what was missing to all Albanian political forces, because according to him this force is open and does not discriminate. “In LSI everyone regardless of which political party comes can be integrated, it is enough to give its contribution to democratic processes and for integration of the country in EU”.
He has also clear the visions regarding the national issues, that disturb his country. He says that Chameria, Kosovo and all the other Albanian territories will be within a single line border and this will be achieved without war, but with the integration of the country in EU. While regarding the head of LSI, Ilir Meta, he says that Meta is a politician who is giving Albania more than all the other political forces together. Regarding this, he tells that the ideas of Ilir Meta for Albania and issues as Chameria or integration of Albania, are accepted even by foreign politicians. Thus he says: “I was in Greece when I saw an interview of Papandreu and during the interview he was asked why he met ilir Meta and he replied that Ilir Meta is a politician with vision and as we seek the Great Greece he requires the Great Albania. With this that Muharrem Berisha tells, he gives a lot of messages for our politicians as well as for those foreigners, who try to express no values towards the Albanian state and our personalities.
He does not pretend for a career in politics, but seeks the best for his country, Albania, integration in Europe, assesses that the political force he belongs to, so LSI is the best option and the optimal one for the country and wishes to see his friends in the peaks of success. He is not greedy for political career, he is a dedicated family man, energetic in everyday life, gives opinions and analyzes with arguments in politics as well as in sports especially to weightlifting. He is dedicated even as a missionary for peace by giving his contribution as a part of “Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity”, diplomatic office based in Tirana, designed by former U.S diplomat Richard Holbrooke, which is led by the writer and publicist Dr. Shefki Hysa.

I am indebted to my family
Beside sport and political life in LSI where he is also member of the Steering Committee, the champion Muharrem Berisha is also a dedicated family man and responsible. In family life he has always tried to be a good husband and parent, but he says he still feels indebted. “I haven’t dedicated the right time to my family, because my life has been all the time full of commitments”, adds further Muharrem Berisha, father of two daughters, who admire and are proud of their father.

But, who is Muharrem Berisha?
Born in 1964, while he was 15, Muharrem Berisha was announced for the first time a champion. National absolute champion in Albania in the years 1982-1992, in the weights 60, 67 and 75 kg. “Best Sportsman of the country,” gold and silver medals in European and world championships and the Balkans Champion. Muharram Berisha had a very high technical as sportsman. Since 1979, he becomes the absolute champion in five weight, ranging from 52 kilograms to finish in 75 kilograms and breaking 100 national records. He is become an absolute champion of five weights. In 1984, in Spain he took the fifth place, bringing for the first time in Albania such a result. In the Balkans championship in Albania in 1987, in the weight till 67 kilograms, he achieves to take for the first time in the history of Albania three gold medals. He had declared a month ago the result, but being in the ten best results of the world for the year, was another success. He has the title Sport Master, Deserved Master of Sport and Honor of Albanian Sport, but also the medals for distinguished merits in sport, taken after leaving the career. His best result is in 1983, only 19 years old, when Muharrem Berisha lift 140 kilograms, two more than the world champion of that year.

Honors and titles:
Muharrem Berisha has merited during his career many honors and titles like: “Master of sport”, “The deserved master of sport”, “The honor of Albanian nation”, winner of the survey 10 best sportsmen of Albania., etc. In the club of Dinamo he is declared for ten consecutive years the best sportsman. He has been leader of the weightlifting team of Dinamo and national team for a short period.

Ylldije Sulka

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Lazer Pepaj – Journalist and Missionary of the future

Lazer Pepaj was born in Shkodra on 9th November 1990. He passed his childhood in Ashte village of Shkodra, where he finished his primary and secondary school. He belongs to a patriotic family and tribe with ancient traditions.
Lazer Pepaj while he was 16, in October of 2007, went to USA where he had three older brothers. He settled in Florida, in Jacksonville. He attended there the high school. In 2009 he returned in Albania, in homeland, to attend the studies in the University “Luigj Gurakuqi” in Shkodra, in the Law Faculty. During this period he administered the business of the family with the label “VP Capital-CO“.
Lazer Pepaj is the youngest of five brothers, but responsible in family life and work as the older ones. He, beside the studies, business, has never neglected his intellectual formation, as part of intellectual elites of Shkodra and Albania. His desire to study and work was rooted by his parents, the father Zef Pepaj and the mother Lene Pepaj. So, the family with its traditions of culture and love for education is not only boost, but also strong support for any initiative in his life. However, Lazer Pepaj as a man that has known the life of immigration since teenage age knows that only a personality with multiple values can face the life successfully in civilized countries like USA. Only a man with overall knowledges can sit with dignity and pride in front of peers of civilized countries. So, conscious for the intellectual values, he is dedicated to the world of knowledge, not only to fulfill his figure as an intellectual person, but also with the desire to represent worthily his country, Albania, towards world democratic civilizations.
Lazer Pepaj, beside the study of the world’s recognition, a big part of his time he dedicates to the business with the desire to ensure his welfare and that of the family, but also with the goal to help somehow the poor people with his work. He has a charitable and missionary soul. Frequent movement in different countries have given him the opportunity to recognize better the life and to see that with the viewpoint of a missionary man, ready to give its contribution to peace and development.
Lazer Pepaj desires to dedicate also to journalistic. With his articles, he approaches and compares different realities, tries to reflect the beautiful image of the homeland, Shkodra, with its cultural and touristic values, in the eyes of the foreigners. Lazer Pepaj wants to see his own country, Albania, in Europe, along the strongest democratic states of the world. With his work as publicist he is now one of the most zealous collaborators of the prestigious magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.
The intellectual Lazer Pepaj has known well the rare values of American democracy and one of his objectives is to lobby to root these values even for the countries in development and those with problems, as the Balkans countries. The fact that he wants to lobby for the values of American democracy has approached him with the intellectual staffs of the intellectual organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, a lobbing mission designed by the prominent former US ambassador Richard Holbrooke. This mission that among other things lobbies to improve the democratic image of the Balkans countries, is part of UN and partner with many world organisms that work for peace and prosperity.
The intellectual Lazer Pepaj as a dedicated missionary toward World Peace now is also honorary advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Endri Hysa

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