Dr. Haim Reitan – a contributor and a friend of the Albanians

By Arben Çokaj

Dr. Haim Reitan

Dr. Haim Reitan was born in Istanbul (Turkey) on May 20, 1946. He is a doctor, a diplomat, a translator and a publicist. He is an Italian citizen with Israeli origin. He lives actually in Bergamo and Italy.

Dr. Reitan works with different projects to invest in Albania, which I will explain in progress, but let’s take a short look to his CV. He has finished the college for biology in Bat-Yam (daughter of the sea) a city south for Tel Aviv, Israel.

He graduated in medicine in the University of Pavia (Italy) in 1974. Later, he has done some specializations for cardio-vascular apparatus diseases, Phlebology, Nephrology in Pavia (Italy), in New York, Miami, Arizona and Texas, in USA, and further in London, Rotterdam and Tel Aviv.

He is a member of the Italian Association of Cardiology and the Association of Phlebology.

Until 2003, he has worked as a hospital director in some cities of Italy, as a forensic advisor and as a coordinator in some projects within countries of European Community and developing countries like some African countries. During 2004, he has worked as an adviser in engineering projects in the
construction of the new hospital of Bergamo.

In 2005 and 2006, he has accomplished the role of the coordinator for the development of the relations between Italy and Albania in medicine, something that he is still doing, due to the good relations that he has created with the officials of the Ministry of Health. He has assisted and continues to give a
hand to many people, who need to be treated in Italian hospitals and this is a feature of his character, as a man with a spirit of charitable missionary. Meanwhile, he continues to direct his own medical center in Bergamo (Italy).

Dr. Haim Reitan speaks some foreign languages, such as the Hebrew language, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, etc. Now he is trying to learn even the Albanian language. Owing to his ability of polyglot and erudite, he has been engaged as an adviser of some well-known political personalities, like ministers, prime ministers and presidents in different countries and with his work, he has
influenced in the consolidation of their relations with Italy and Israel.

He has been distinguished as a zealous and visionary diplomat, especially in the role of an honor consul and with his intelligence, he has influenced in the improvement of the relations between Italy and Israel, especially with countries like Albania, Macedonia and Kosova, Congo etc. Such people with a human and diplomatic activity serve as connective bridges between different nations.

As a good connoisseur of the politics and the development of the situations in Balkan with cramps, conflicts and inter-ethnic tensions, Dr. Haim Reitan has contributed even in the albanological studies and balkanology. He is giving a big contribution as a translator and publicist with his editions in different media in the world. He is one of the most zealous collaborators of the magazine “The eagle’s wing” (Krahu i shqiponjës), an organ of the NGO: The Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri” and the publishing organ: The publishing house “Bilal Xhaferri”.

Recently, Dr. Haim Reitan, diplomat and Honorary Chairman of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, has encouraged some political and economic lobbies in Italy, Israel, USA, Switzerland and somewhere else to support the development of the democracy in Albania, for the recognition of Kosova independence, for the economic-administrative consolidation of its new state and for the internationalism of the Cham issue. In Albania, you can find him with the Cham historian Ibrahim Hoxha, with the writers Shefki Hysa and Namik Mane and with other intellectuals, too, public-inspired for the Albanian national issue. Dr. Haim Reitan is so in love with the Cham issue, as he express himself in the Albanian language: I am from Chameria, I’m a Cham!”

Dr. Haim Reitan has made some personalities of the Albanian politics as friends, such as prime minister Sali Berisha, Sabri Godo, Fatmir Mediu, Edi Rama, Skënder Gjinushi, Hashim Thaçi etc. One of his projects is the twinning of some Albanian universities with the universities of the most developed countries of the Western Europe. With his work, as a missionary of the Albanian issue in the world, he has gained the respect of many intellectual elites in Albania, Kosova and Macedonia.

Dr. Reitan is trying to intercede even in the investment issue, in Italy or widely in Albania, especially the private investments, which come from the Italian business or other countries, too. As everywhere in the world, the Albanian market should be open for such people with constructive initiatives for our country. Our state institutions should be more exposed and careful to approach such people, with considerable knowledge and interest for Albania, so that their will and contribution could turn into serious and long-term investments for our country.

In the business world, the profit is the main issue, but it’s more beneficial when the business, which is offered to Albania from human people like Dr. Reitan, is welcomed and stimulated from the Albanian goodwill and hospitality. We should try as much as we can to avoid our social wound – the corruption – because devoted people like Dr.Reitan can get tired, can feel insulted and at the end, they can give up. As Albanians, we must open the door to such constructive attempts and think in a dynamical way for the best ways of development of our country in the future.

Published in the Albanian Newspaper Standard
Translated by Lorena Uliu

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