Richard Holbrooke – Model of American Democracy

The diplomat, Richard Hoolbrok, among many other places has worked especially in Balkan,one of the hottest regions all over the world. He will always be in the memories of all the generations in the Balkan countries due to the interruption of the war in Bosnje and Herzegovina and also due to his strong discussion with Slobodan Milosevic.
Multiple engagements as well as his energetic methods as mediator, as a demanding, stringent and determined diplomat, are well known. Richard Holbrooke has testify extraordinary abilities to sit down around a single table, the main protagonists of the war in ex-Yugoslavia, to discuss in favor of a peace agreement. The importance of his personal engagement to make concrete the agreement of “Agreement of Dayton” is accepted by large circles of politics, academics and medias.
Ambassador Richard Hoolbroke was one of the first diplomats who make pupblic the contacts with the warriors of UÇK in the first phase of the Kosovo’s war.
Richard Holbrook was the real model of the American diplomacy and due to his abilities he was friend and collaborator of many American presidents and also of many distinguished international politicians.
Richard Holbrooke, this performer of today Balkans, was also the initiator of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity which is an international lobbying organization.

Brunilda Liko

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