Terezina Ndoj – The Missionary Girl

Terezina Ndoj, daughter of Mark and Marte Ndoj was born on February 10, 1983 in the village Ndërshen, Orosh, Mirdite, Albania. Her family derives from an ancient patriotic tribe, with early traditions and contributions to the numerous wars that our country has made against the Ottoman Empire, thus, a Catholic clan dedicated to the homeland. Terezina Ndoi

Since her childhood un to now, Terezina has tried to follow in the footsteps of her ancestors, be alike them as much as possible. Not only the tribe of her father, but also her mother’s tribe was one of the most well-known tribes in Northern Albania.

Terezina finished the primary and elementary school with good results in her native village. She was one of the  most diligent students in the elementary school. She dreamt of becoming a charitable personality, like Mother Teresa who sacrificed her life in the service of the poor. Terezina finished high school with very good results, being a model of inspiration for her friends. After finishing high school she dedicated herself working next to the impoverished family by the communist regime.

Terezina Ndoj became attached to working in farming and animal husbandry in the village with the desire to generate much more income for the family. One of her greatest desire was to work as much as possible in order for the family to regain its former status as part of a powerful patriotic tribe.

Terezina Ndoj, following the example of philanthropists in the world,  gives a part of the income to the poor. IMG_0614She is a girl with a charitable spirit and as such she helps not only people in economic difficulty, but also organizations that manage social problems of communities in need. She especially helps the abused women and trafficked to rehabilitate.

Terezina Ndoj is a model activist of protection of human rights. She has put all her intellectual and physical abilities in the service of social peace. So she is a model of peace missionary. For many years she has taken care as much as she can for the people in difficulty, members of the Roma community, the abused women and provides assistance to orphanages  and other various problems like blood feud, etc.

Terezina Ndoj is conscious of her patriotism of the Catholic religion in Albania, for many sacrifices and suffering that this small community has passed in the period of the communist regime, when Catholic churches were destroyed, many Catholic priests, who defended the human values from the communist degeneration, were imprisoned and shot . She is conscious of the numerous martyrs of the Albanian Catholic Church, assessed by the Papacy of Rome and by the international opinion, therefore she works with her spirit fed with religious tolerance in Albania, as one of the model countries where Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox coexist as one great brotherhood. So, Terezina as a peace missionary works to build bridges of friendship between communities.Arba Berdica

Terezina Ndoj, during 2011 and onwards was engaged as a peace volunteer in the International Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), with the desire to specialize in the field of civil emergency and humanitarian crisis facing. As a peace missionary of the voluntary structures of DMPP, Terezina has been always willing to give her contribution in several Balkan countries and in many other places where the influence of DMPP lies. And now she is one of the most committed missionaries of peace in the service of social, international and inter-community peace.

Diplomatic Mission of Peace and Prosperity has honored the missionary Terezina Ndoj with the title Honorary Advisor for the indisputable values ​​as a charitable woman serving the communities in need.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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    Çamet flasin shqip dhe jo Anglisht. Deshirojme ti lexojme kete reviste por nuk mundemi,Ju lutem na ipni mundesine ta lexojme.Urime ne vepren tuaj Potriotike dhe humanitare.

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