Aleksander Zefi – The Man of Adventures

Aleksander Ludovik Zefi was born in Shkodra on May 13, 1978. He grew up in a family with early patriotic tradition by origin from Shoshi, of Bajraktari tribe. Alexander finished his primary, elementary and secondary education in his birthplace, in Shkodra. At the moment he continues his studies at university although his job takes a lot of his time. He has been involved in various businesses for many years. He likes journalism and distant journeys driven by the spirit of adventure and good humor. He is a collector of relics and rare items, especially watches. Rolex is his favorite watch brand.Aleksandër Zefi

Aleksander loves entertainment. He spends a great part of his leisure time playing chess and he is also highly interested in the sport of wrestling. He is strong  believer of the Catholic religion and he never forgets to mention this in conversations with his friends, also because of the fact that he is grandson of Dom George Michael, one of the patriotic priests of Shkodra who was shot by the communist regime. It is known that Catholic priests, starting with Paul Angel, author of the baptismal formula written for the first time in Albanian and English writing, which is also known as the origin of modern Albanian writing, Bardhi, Budi, Bogdani, Fishta  and many others, have been and continue to be great patriots of ardent defenders of the Albanian national issue.

Aleksander Zefi has been collaborating for many years with the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”, a prestigious publication of the International Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity. Arba BerdicaIn his articles which are oriented to social issues of countries under development, he brings the readers the spirit of change, motivating them to become warriors for peace. Aleksander Zefi is a dedicated peace missionary. He works voluntarily as a security advisor in the peacekeeping structures  of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Aleksander also takes pride in another fact: he is the grandson of the patriotic warrior Zek Jakini, which was especially known in the wars against the Turkish. The popular rhapsody has even woven songs for his feats. It is widely known how much the heroes of Northern Albania regions want to be part folk songs. This is exactly one of the reasons they commit heroic acts. The hero, whom this song is dedicated, is a lucky man. I wish Alexander the feats and adventures of a hero, just like his predecessor Zek Jakini, fulfilling his desire to enter the folk songs of Shkodra.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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