Rafael Pepaj – Missionary of Peace and Journalist

Rafael Zef Pepaj was born on March16, 1986 in Shkodra.
He passed his childhood in Ashte village of Shkodra.
He finished his primary school in Ashte, Shkodra, whereas his secondary school in Kosmaç village of Shkodra district.

In 2000, when he was 14 years old, Rafael Pepaj went to Jacksonville, Florida, USA. There he also finished the high school and was educated and specialized for business.

In 2002, Rafael Pepaj established in Florida a construction company with the label “Brother’s Group Construction”.

In 2007, he opened in Albania a factory called VP Capital Sh. P. K, which produces tiles and concrete blocks for constructions. Rafael Pepaj collaborates with his community for the expansion of the work in the factory.

He is a personality with charitable soul and a part of his incomes he spends helping humanitarian organizations and needy categories. Rafael Pepaj is one of the newest missionaries of peace of Shkodra.

Rafael Pepaj dedicates a part of his time to the publicistics. In his articles with social thematic he reflects the development of Shkodra and Albania. He is a correct collaborator of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.

Loalda Duka
Advisor od DMPP

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