Sylejman Berila – The Tireless Missionary in service of World Peace

Sylejman Shemsi Berila was born on  October 6th, 1979 in the city of Pristine, Kosovo. He comes from an Albanian family with patriotic traditions, which established in Pristine 167 years ago. Sulejman spent his childhood and youth in his hometown where he was educated and matured as an intellectual in the service of Social Peace.Sulejman Berila me blu

He completed his primary education in “Pjeter Bogdani” school, in Pristine. He finished his secondary education and university education in his birth city. At university he studied and graduated in Economics.

After finishing successfully his studies in Pristine, Sylejman continued also his postgraduate studies in a professional master at the University of Tirana.

Sylejman’s family has established a construction company since 1967, and named it” Tony Corporation”. Sylejman’s father has run the company for many years until Sylejman graduated as an economist. After completing his studies, he started work at the company run by his father, Shemsi Berila. Initially he worked as an economist and after 1998 Sylejman became administrator of this company. “Tony Corporation” consists of three other companies: DAS Group, Sens-r group and Tony corporation.IMG_9613

Sylejman Berila is known for his collaborative spirit and innate virtues of a leader, as in running the company as in collaborating with international partners. The company “Tony corporation” under his leadership has managed to implement multiple projects and accomplish some of the most important works, among which we can mention: the Reconstruction of the Airport of Pristine which today is called  “Adem Jashari” Airport; from 2001 to 2003  the Reconstruction of Ferro-Nickel Factory, the largest in the country from 2003 to 2005, as well as a variety of other constructions such as roads, bridges, housing construction, etc.

As a man with a big heart and as an erudite intellectual, Sylejman has been an outstanding activist for the protection of human rights and personality dedicated to helping the communities and people in need.IMG_9694

Sylejman Berila, as a businessman and as an intellectual with a noble and charitable spirit, as an activist for the protection of human rights, has currently joined the big family of peace missionaries. He is part of the honorary structures of the International Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP). He is a Peace Missionary and Honorary Consul of this mission. With his work as a devoted peace missionary Sylejman Berila is one of the most skilled associates of Dr. Shefki Hysa, the main leader of DMPP.

As a Peace Missionary and a charitable and philanthropist businessman, he honors the board of director of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), a lobbying mission accredited to the UN, USA, European Union, etc. This mission that works to magnify the image of the Balkans and countries under development, that brings these problematic countries alongside the modern Western civilization, accomplishes its objectives with rare personalities such as the intellectual Sylejman Berila. We invite all collaborators of DMPP to work tirelessly for peace all over the world under the example of peace missionaries as Sylejman Berila, who has given and continues to give contributions as an outstanding activist in the service of social peace in many parts of the globe.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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