Ayhan Niş -A Brilliant Peace Missionary

Ayhan Niş was born on 8th April 1977 in Turkey. He passed his childhood in his birthplace, Turkey where he finished his primary and elementary school. He finished his high school studies also in Turkey, in Luleburgaz High School in 1990-1993. In 1999, Ayhan Niş decided to start his studies in the University of Tirana in the Faculty of Economics. He graduated in 2003 in the branch of Business Management as one of the most brilliant students of that generation. At the same time in 1999, he was the initiator of the creation of the Turkish Businessman Association of Albania.Image

After he graduated in Turkey, Ayhan started working in the field of tourism where he had a 8 year experience which started in Canak Tourism Antalya, Turkey, one of the most successful tour operators of Balkans. During the years he worked there, Ayhan was successful in creating a cultural bridge of Turkey with countries such as Greece, Israel, Iran, Ukraine, Poland, etc. Some of the innovations he brought are: 1st  touristic charter flight ever from Thessaloniki to Antalya, 1st touristic charter flight ever from Tahran to Antalya, one of the first tour operators to organize charter flights from Russia to Antalya.

If we refer to the professional career of Mr. Niş in Albania, we can undoubtedly say that has been very successful in the Albanian trade market with his remarkable skills in management. He started working in 2006 as a National Sales Director for Coca-Cola Bottling, one of the most known brands worldwide and a leader brand in Albania. He worked for the company until 2008 and during two years of working there, he increased  sales volumes significantly and also broke the company record with 196% of target achievement.Image

From 2008 to 2009, Ayhan worked as a Trade Marketing and Distribution Manager for the British American Tobacco company, one of the leading companies around the world in tobacco industry. In 2009, he started working in the Albtelecom-Eagle Mobile Company, a national mobile operator based in Tirana and past of Ҫalik Holding based in Turkey. His work as Head of Retail Sales & Distribution brought a significant growth in the Albanian market share. During the time that he was working for Albtelecom-Eagle Company, Ayhan has been also Counselor of  Business Development at DoubleA Papers which consists in finding of new distributors and management and widening of the business company in the trade market. In 2012, Ayhan decided to move from the Albtelecom – Eagle Mobile Company, and started working for Plus Communications as Head of Retails Sales & Distribution until February 2013.

On March 2013 Ayhan Niş started working as a Commercial Director for Kappa Oil, a national manufacturer of lubricants, oil, additives, car mats, a leader company in Balkan Region. He is currently working for Kappa Oil and bringing the company close to the international market through exporting in more than 23 countries the company’s products.


Ayhan Niş is distinguished for his contributions in the community. He supports continuously the people in need. So, he knows how to earn for himself with his work and with a part of his earnings he supports the social classes in economic difficulty and the humanitarian and philanthropic institutions of Albania.

Ayhan Niş is an erudite intellectual with a charitable heart and with his skills he has been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community. He, as a benefactor and as a missionary has been devoted to the cause of Peace. Ayhan Niş  as a brilliant peace missionary, has been collaborating for many years with the international organization  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), accredited in UN, EU, USA, etc.

The intellectual Ayhan Niş is an Honorary Consul of  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP).  

Arba Berdica

Advisor of DMPP

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