Gazmend Kelmendi – The Peace Missionary from Kosovo

Gazmend Kelmendi was born on 13 June 1978 in Pristine, Kosovo, in a family with early patriotic traditions. He passed his childhood in his birthplace where he  finished the primary and elementary school in Kosovo. In 2004, Gazmend started his studies in General Management in “FAMA” University in Kosovo and he graduated on November 2008 as one of the most brilliant students of that generation. In 2011, Gazmend started his MBA studies in Sheffield University in Thessaloniki, Greece where he was again focused in General Management.Image

Gazmend was Chief Executive of the British Chamber of Commerce Kosovo since 2007, and has been an energetic member of the Kosovo Business Community for a large part of the past decade. Gazmend was instrumental in the founding of the BCCK, he is one of the main founders, and has played a crucial role in garnering the strong local support and momentum we now enjoy. Now he is permanent board member of BCCK.

Beyond the BCCK, Gazmend has been Chief Executive of AS-COM Group LLC for almost 7 years, which has been one of the leading construction companies in Kosovo, playing a large part in the rapid development which the country is currently undergoing.

Presently, Gazmend is Chief Executive of Virtual Era Ltd., an IT and communications venture he also founded. Virtual Era created the first legal information system for Kosovo, revolutionizing legal practice in Kosovo by making the country’s legal code accessible online and providing real time updates that are crucial for the legal profession. Virtual Era is now expanding to new growth areas in information systems and data management, energy efficiency, security, telecommunication, intelligent home, training center, clouding, office solutions, marketing etc.

Additionally, Gazmend is co-owner and Chief Executive of ERAM Trade Ltd., an international general trade company, agriculture, oil product, trader of special vehicles, equipments, military and police supplier, industrial and many other supplies. Gazmend is also founder and Chief Executive of an additional construction business KOSENG GROUP Ltd., a general construction company, whose goals is to bring to global market. KOSENG has bought AS-COM Group, and everything has been rebranded to KOSENG Group.

Gazmend is founder and board member of GAMA Association, an NGO which wants to bring economical development and prosperity, peace among nations, races, genders, communities; charity is one of the main roles too.

Gazmend is shareholder and seating on the board of MSC Group Ltd. in Copenhagen, and acts as CEO for South Eastern Europe. MSC Group is an international consulting company.

One of the hats of Gazmend also as shareholder of Oxford Institute Ltd. for Balkan region, also is seating on the board of Oxford Institute International both with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Gazmend Kelmendi is distinguished also for his contributions in the community. He knows how to earn for his living and with a part of his earnings he supports also the social classes in need and the humanitarian institutions of Kosovo. He has been devoted passionately to the missions for the rescues of the social classes in economical difficulty the same way he has been devoted to his business.Image

Gazmend Kelmendi,  as an erudite intellectual with rare managing skills has currently been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community in Kosovo. He extended a great help not only in the difficult time that Kosovo experienced during the wartime but also after the war ended and the country was almost destroyed. Gazmend gave his economical, social and humanitarian support and help to all the families in need who lost everything after the end of war. Even nowadays, he continues to help his country by bringing economic development through his work and also by supporting all the social classes in need.

Gazmend Kelmendi is an intellectual with a charitable heart. He, as a benefactor and missionary has been devoted to the Peace cause. Gazmend Kelmendi, as a peace missionary has been collaborating for many years with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of United Nations.

The intellectual Gazmend Kelmendi is Honorary Advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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