Ndreke Ismailaj – A Model Man of Sacrifice

Ndreke Ismailaj was born on 8th August 1968 in Tropoja, Albania, in a family with early patriotic traditions. He finished his elementary school and high school studies in his birthplace.


Ndreke Ismailaj, Honorary Advisor of DMPP

During 1989-1993 he carried out his studies in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Physics branch, University of Tirana.

In 1993, with the change of the political system in Albania and approach of democracy, Ndreke Ismailaj migrated for a better life in Greece  where he stayed for a year.

In 1994, he had to come back in Albania beside his family. The same year he started working as a teacher in the high school in Petrele, Tirane.

During 1995-1997 Ndreke Ismailaj worked as a High Officer in the Ministry of Interior Affairs. He worked with devotion in the Albanian police service, especially in traffic police unit.


Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of DMPP and Ndreke Ismailaj, Honorary Advisor of DMPP

In 1997 Ndreke Ismailaj had an accident and his life was restricted as a disabled person. So, after the accident he was involved in the disabled social categories and more precisely in the social category of paraplegics. Although a disabled person, Ndreke Ismailaj he didn’t confine himself or find console at home. He never stopped his efforts in giving his contribution for his social category. He became an activist for the protection of the rights of disabled people and with his persistence he influenced the change of the legislation in favor of the social categories in need. So, he gave a big contribution in the Albanian society for the improvement of the legislation. While working with the best activists of his social category, he gained experience and  had the chance to carry out many specializations.

From 1999 to 2002 Ndreke Ismailaj  has been the Secretary of Paraplegics Association, in local and central level.


Dr. Madhu Krishan, Chairman of AUGP and Honorary Chairman of DMPP and Ndreke Ismailaj, Honorary Advisor of DMPP

During 2003- 2005 he has been trained and certified in several specializations by “Handicap International” Organization, in: Leadership and Staff Supervision, Human Recourses, The Financial Projects Management, Advocacy & Lobbying, Policies Drafting in favor of PAAK.

Ndreke Ismailaj, although with an incomplete image in appearance, has an iron willpower and a big soul to support  the social categories of all ages in economic difficulty and all categories of labor invalids. He is distinguished for the great professional skills and very good communication skills. Ndreke Ismailaj is a practical man, very correct by nature, secure and with persuasive skills, devoted and efficient in work. The professional skills and experience that he gained while working in groups, have transformed him in a leader of the social categories in need.


Ms. Arba Berdica, Top Advisor of DMPP

Ndreke Ismailaj, as an intellectual erudite with a noble and charitable heart, has helped a lot the social classes in need. He is one of the most committed peace missionaries in the International Lobbying Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, accredited by UN, EU, USA.

Ndreke Ismailaj is an Honorary Advisor of this mission that operates in the Balkans and worldwide for peace and prosperity in help of the countries under development, according to the principles of the American democracy.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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