Keti Bazhdari – The Albanian Girl who dreams of beautifying her birthplace, Shkoder

Keti Bazhdari was born on 28 April 1980, in Shkoder, Albania, in a civil family from generations, with traditions and good name, where are combined the entrepreneurial spirit with the artistic one. She attended the elementary school and high school in “Jordan Misja” in her native city with excellent results at school and different competitions, specifically in the exact sciences, where she was distinguished for her innate talent in physics.Keti Bazhdari

In 1998, after finishing high school she decides painfully, like most of young people in those dark years, to leave Albania in order to study in Italy, in Rome. There she would have all the support of her family who lived there and the possibility to study in nuclear engineering mostly because of her talent and good results.

After a short period in emigration and a longing for homeland that came growing above her passion for science and good chances for living and studying in Rome, the responsibility to return and serve in her native city prevailed. She returned in 1998 convinced not to leave never again.

She resumed her university studies in Finance, but now in Albania, at the University “Luigi Gurakuqi”, a branch that would help her to consolidate her dream: To work to beautify Shkoder.

In 2011 she received the title Master in Public Administration and Public Policy in the Economic Faculty of the University “Marin Barleti”, in Tirana. After that, at the age of 21, she entered the business, alone without any support, but with the iron will that characterizes her.Ms. Keti Bazhdari

Today her business is among the most powerful in its field, employing hundreds of workers. But her goal was never business, nor money. Her passion to build Shkoder, her place, never released her. Business was just the tool in the service of this goal.

Her activity in business is closely associated with the contributions in the field of philanthropy and charity.

After 2007 this activity is structured in a systematic financial support by assisting almost all areas of arts in Shkoder, social activities and marginalized groups.

In December 2013, she was evaluated with “Philanthropy Award” for her contribution as an individual, given by Partners Albania in cooperation with the international foundation “Rockefeller Brothers”, with the motivation: “For the special contribution in the field of art and culture in support of young artists and the enrichment of cultural life in the city of Shkoder, as well as for the continuous support for vulnerable groups”.Keti Bazhdari, Shkoder, Albania

In December 2014, she established the Foundation CATI or Civic Alliance towards Integrity, a foundation in non-stop support and in the service of society.

In 2009 Keti entered politics and within short time, through a strong lobbying, but also supported by the chairman of the Socialist Party Mr. Edi Rama, in December 2010, she is elected chairman of this party for Shkoder, giving a strong contribution to the organization, enhancing the quality of participation and performance of this political force.

From 2011 onwards Member Keti Bazhdari is Member of the Municipal Council Shkoder. From 2012 to 2013, Keti has been Leader of the working group for the former political persecuted. From 2012 onwards Bazhdari is Vice President of the Socialist Women’s Forum.

Keti Bazhdari is the Mayoral candidate for Shkoder of the left coalition “Alliance for European Albania” in the local elections on 21 June 2015.

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