The Intellectual Krenar Lasko – A man devoted to Peace Missions

Krenar Nuri Lasko was born on 25 July 1968 in Durres, Abania, in a family with early patriotic traditions with origin from Cameria. He passed his childhood in his birthplace. Krenar  finish the primary and elementary school in Durres. In 1988, he finished the industrial high school in Durres. Later, he graduated in the Faculty of Economics as one of the best students of that generation.Image

In the autumn of 1992, at the age of 21, Krenar Lasko registered in the branch of taxation in Durres the company “LASKO Sh.p.k”. This is how it started the history of one of the businesses, which later turned into a production industry by extending its influence in a major part of the European continent and outside of it. In 1995, Krenar together with his brother Enkeleid Lasko established the company “L.R.L  sh.a” which later was transformed into the company which holds also the name of the product  “Kappa Oil Holding sh. a”. Firstly, the first steps of the business in the field of lubricants were modest, because the vehicles market had just been created in the post communist Albania. With foresight, devotion, prolonged hours, desire, willpower, ambition, correctness and seriousness through years, Krenar managed to extend the influence of his products in the major part of the Albanian market and later he started the first exports in Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe, in the Middle East and North Africa. So, after many years of persistent work with professionalism, passion and responsibility he turned his business into an absolute leader industry in Albania, where he dominates around 38 percent of the market of lubricant oils and over 80 percent of the market in the production of vehicles rubber carpets. So, now he is one of the most successful Albanian businessmen.

Krenar Lasko is distinguished also for his contributions in the community. He knows how to earn for his living and with a part of his earnings he supports also the social classes in need and the humanitarian institutions of Durres and Albania. So, he has been devoted passionately to the missions for the rescues of the social classes in economical difficulty the same way he has been devoted to his business.Image

Krenar Lasko is not only a successful businessman and peace missionary, but he is also a very talented poet. He is also a publicist.  Krenar has published several cycles with poetries which have been welcomed by the readers and highly assessed by the literary critics of that time. He has written also many articles with socials themes and problems, which have given an echo to the work in the community. So, Krenar has been devoted a little also to the journalism to reflect the concerns of that time and his viewpoints.  He is a regular collaborator of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”. Krenar Lasko,  as an erudite intellectual with rare managing skills has currently been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community in Durres.

Krenar Lasko is an intellectual with a charitable heart. He, as a benefactor and missionary has been devoted to the Peace cause. Krenar Lasko as a peace missionary has been collaborating for many years with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of United Nations.

The intellectual Krenar Lasko is Honorary Consul of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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Ayhan Niş -A Brilliant Peace Missionary

Ayhan Niş was born on 8th April 1977 in Turkey. He passed his childhood in his birthplace, Turkey where he finished his primary and elementary school. He finished his high school studies also in Turkey, in Luleburgaz High School in 1990-1993. In 1999, Ayhan Niş decided to start his studies in the University of Tirana in the Faculty of Economics. He graduated in 2003 in the branch of Business Management as one of the most brilliant students of that generation. At the same time in 1999, he was the initiator of the creation of the Turkish Businessman Association of Albania.Image

After he graduated in Turkey, Ayhan started working in the field of tourism where he had a 8 year experience which started in Canak Tourism Antalya, Turkey, one of the most successful tour operators of Balkans. During the years he worked there, Ayhan was successful in creating a cultural bridge of Turkey with countries such as Greece, Israel, Iran, Ukraine, Poland, etc. Some of the innovations he brought are: 1st  touristic charter flight ever from Thessaloniki to Antalya, 1st touristic charter flight ever from Tahran to Antalya, one of the first tour operators to organize charter flights from Russia to Antalya.

If we refer to the professional career of Mr. Niş in Albania, we can undoubtedly say that has been very successful in the Albanian trade market with his remarkable skills in management. He started working in 2006 as a National Sales Director for Coca-Cola Bottling, one of the most known brands worldwide and a leader brand in Albania. He worked for the company until 2008 and during two years of working there, he increased  sales volumes significantly and also broke the company record with 196% of target achievement.Image

From 2008 to 2009, Ayhan worked as a Trade Marketing and Distribution Manager for the British American Tobacco company, one of the leading companies around the world in tobacco industry. In 2009, he started working in the Albtelecom-Eagle Mobile Company, a national mobile operator based in Tirana and past of Ҫalik Holding based in Turkey. His work as Head of Retail Sales & Distribution brought a significant growth in the Albanian market share. During the time that he was working for Albtelecom-Eagle Company, Ayhan has been also Counselor of  Business Development at DoubleA Papers which consists in finding of new distributors and management and widening of the business company in the trade market. In 2012, Ayhan decided to move from the Albtelecom – Eagle Mobile Company, and started working for Plus Communications as Head of Retails Sales & Distribution until February 2013.

On March 2013 Ayhan Niş started working as a Commercial Director for Kappa Oil, a national manufacturer of lubricants, oil, additives, car mats, a leader company in Balkan Region. He is currently working for Kappa Oil and bringing the company close to the international market through exporting in more than 23 countries the company’s products.


Ayhan Niş is distinguished for his contributions in the community. He supports continuously the people in need. So, he knows how to earn for himself with his work and with a part of his earnings he supports the social classes in economic difficulty and the humanitarian and philanthropic institutions of Albania.

Ayhan Niş is an erudite intellectual with a charitable heart and with his skills he has been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community. He, as a benefactor and as a missionary has been devoted to the cause of Peace. Ayhan Niş  as a brilliant peace missionary, has been collaborating for many years with the international organization  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), accredited in UN, EU, USA, etc.

The intellectual Ayhan Niş is an Honorary Consul of  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP).  

Arba Berdica

Advisor of DMPP

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Baftjar Zeqaj – Mayor and Peace Missionary

Baftjar Zeqaj was born in  Patos on 15.02.1961 in a family with patriotic traditions which has contributed continuously for its country, Albania. He passed his childhood in his birthplace, where he finished the elementary and high school.

Baftjar Zeqaj graduated as a geologist engineer for petroleum and gas in 1985.  He has finished several postgraduate specializations in the field of sedimentation. He has also finished the Master studies for Public Administration.


From 1985 – 1992 Baftjar has worked in the most important sector for the Albanian economy, the petroleum sector as engineer in the Institute of Petroleum Studies and Projection in Fier. Here he has been evaluated for intellectual and scientific skills and has given important contributions in the implementation of new sedimentation concepts in search of gas sources in Albania where he has been leader of some geological studies.

After of demolition of the communist system in Albania, with the changes of ’90, he was committed to the political life where he was appointed as head of the movement for the reformation of Albanian society and institutions. In the first pluralist elections of 1992 he was elected Mayor of Patos.

In 1997-2001 Baftjar was elected Chairman of Socialist Party Fier, an assignment which he accomplished with his excellent organizational and communicative skills by creating the model of the modern political leader with an open heart and mind for the solicitudes of every citizen with any belonging difference.DSC_0013

Baftjar Zeqaj in 2001-2003 was holding the post of Perfect of Fier district where he exposed his skills as statesman by contributing in the institutions democratization..

Since 2003 Baftjar is governing with devotion the works for the modernization of the city of Fier as a Mayor. During these years of governance, this city has been transformed in an important pole of the urban an economic development. Comprehensiveness, partnership and evaluation based on results are distinctive features of the governance of the biggest city in the Middle Albania.

Baftjar Zeqaj during the years he spent as politician has been distinguished also for his passion for art and culture as well as from his devotion for the development artistic cultural values in Fier.  With his unremitting he and his collaborators have made it possible for this city to be transformed in the warmest hearth for the international artists and art lovers.

Z. Baftjar Zeqaj has organized more than 250 shows, concerts and different activities reaching a record number in the participation of spectators. These activities have been organized in different institutions such as Bylis Theater, Apollonian International, House of Culture, Theater for Children, Historical Museum, Arts Gallery Fier, Public Library, etc.  The most successful shows have reached an audience of 3500-4000 spectators, among which it is worth mentioning: Premiere Show of Estrada Variety, Theatrical Festival of high schools “Rinfest”, etc.Image

The projects for the development of sport such as training campuses for football,  campuses for handheld games and heavy sports  are priorities of his work until 2015.

Baftjar Zeqaj is distinguished for the care he shows towards the social classes in need. This devotion for the people in need has been transformed into the leitmotif of his managerial activity in the Municipality of Fier.

For his human qualities, for his intellectual managerial skills, for his leader model, Baftjar Zeqaj has received several titles from national and international institutions such as: “Peace Knight”, “Leadership” Price, “Person of the Year” etc.

Baftjar Zeqaj is an erudite intellectual with a charitable heart and with his skills he has been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community. He, as a benefactor and as a missionary has been devoted to the cause of Peace. Baftjar Zeqaj as a brilliant peace missionary, has been collaborating for many years with the international organization  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), accredited in UN, EU, USA, etc. The intellectual Baftjar Zeqaj is an Honorary Ambassador of  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP).  

Arba Berdica

Advisor of DMPP

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The intellectual Robert Dedaj – Peace Missionary of DMPP

Robert Idajet Dedaj was born on 21st May 1960 in the city of Erseka, in Leskovik. He belongs to an old Albanian family with patriotic traditions.  He passed his childhood in his birthplace. Robert finished his primary and elementary school in Tirana. He finished his high school studies also in Tirana, in the military school “Skenderbej” in 1976-1981. In 1984 Robert graduated in the University of Officers in Tirana. While in 1985 Robert Dedaj decided to start his studies in the Faculty of Law and he graduated in 1989 in the University of Tirana as a jurist.Image

Robert Dedaj has worked for a long period of time in the Ministry of Interior Affairs as officer and senior leader from 1984 until 2000.  Afterwards, he moved to Rome, Italy. In 2004 he opened in Rome his own investigation agency “International Credit Investigation”.

In 2011, Robert Dedaj opened the branch of his agency International Credit Investigation in Tirana. He opened branches of his agency also in Bulgaria and Pristine, Kosovo.  In 2012, Robert opened a non-profit organization “The Center for the Study and Prevention of War and Criminality “. Through the work in the institutions that he runs, Robert Dedaj has been devoted to the fight for the prevention of criminality in Albania and the Albanian communities worldwide.  Image

Robert Dedaj is distinguished for his contributions in the community. He supports continuously the people in need. So, he knows how to earn for himself with his work and with a part of his earnings he supports the social classes in economic difficulty and the humanitarian and philanthropic institutions of Albania.

Robert Dedaj is an erudite intellectual and with his skills he has been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community. He, with his articles of social topics, is a frequent  collaborator of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.

Robert Dedaj is an intellectual with a charitable heart. He, as a benefactor and as a missionary has been devoted to the cause of Peace. Robert Dedaj as a peace missionary, has been collaborating for many years with the international organization  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), accredited in UN, EU, USA, etc.

The intellectual Robert Dedaj is an Honorary Advisor of  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP).

Arba Berdica

Advisor of DMPP

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Sylejman Berila – The Tireless Missionary in service of World Peace

Sylejman Shemsi Berila was born on  October 6th, 1979 in the city of Pristine, Kosovo. He comes from an Albanian family with patriotic traditions, which established in Pristine 167 years ago. Sulejman spent his childhood and youth in his hometown where he was educated and matured as an intellectual in the service of Social Peace.Sulejman Berila me blu

He completed his primary education in “Pjeter Bogdani” school, in Pristine. He finished his secondary education and university education in his birth city. At university he studied and graduated in Economics.

After finishing successfully his studies in Pristine, Sylejman continued also his postgraduate studies in a professional master at the University of Tirana.

Sylejman’s family has established a construction company since 1967, and named it” Tony Corporation”. Sylejman’s father has run the company for many years until Sylejman graduated as an economist. After completing his studies, he started work at the company run by his father, Shemsi Berila. Initially he worked as an economist and after 1998 Sylejman became administrator of this company. “Tony Corporation” consists of three other companies: DAS Group, Sens-r group and Tony corporation.IMG_9613

Sylejman Berila is known for his collaborative spirit and innate virtues of a leader, as in running the company as in collaborating with international partners. The company “Tony corporation” under his leadership has managed to implement multiple projects and accomplish some of the most important works, among which we can mention: the Reconstruction of the Airport of Pristine which today is called  “Adem Jashari” Airport; from 2001 to 2003  the Reconstruction of Ferro-Nickel Factory, the largest in the country from 2003 to 2005, as well as a variety of other constructions such as roads, bridges, housing construction, etc.

As a man with a big heart and as an erudite intellectual, Sylejman has been an outstanding activist for the protection of human rights and personality dedicated to helping the communities and people in need.IMG_9694

Sylejman Berila, as a businessman and as an intellectual with a noble and charitable spirit, as an activist for the protection of human rights, has currently joined the big family of peace missionaries. He is part of the honorary structures of the International Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP). He is a Peace Missionary and Honorary Consul of this mission. With his work as a devoted peace missionary Sylejman Berila is one of the most skilled associates of Dr. Shefki Hysa, the main leader of DMPP.

As a Peace Missionary and a charitable and philanthropist businessman, he honors the board of director of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), a lobbying mission accredited to the UN, USA, European Union, etc. This mission that works to magnify the image of the Balkans and countries under development, that brings these problematic countries alongside the modern Western civilization, accomplishes its objectives with rare personalities such as the intellectual Sylejman Berila. We invite all collaborators of DMPP to work tirelessly for peace all over the world under the example of peace missionaries as Sylejman Berila, who has given and continues to give contributions as an outstanding activist in the service of social peace in many parts of the globe.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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Dr. Natasha Savage, a Big Friend of the Small Albania

Albania, the small country with a big heart

At the beginning of May, Dr. Natasha Savage, the President of Eastern European American Chamber of Commerce visited Albania by invitation of the international organization “Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity” located in Tirana and its President Dr. Shefki Hysa.Image

Right from the start I understood that we had among us more than “a good friend”; a very intelligent and noble woman in her work and mission, at the service of the people in need every time. With the dexterity and goodness of the unremitting person, she was able to ingratiate everybody. She kept notes on everything and radiated hope for everyone! It was impossible to not be enthralled by the modesty and spontaneity of this rare woman.

During her stay in Albania, Ms. Savage had several meetings with some personalities and leaders of the Albanian state, representatives of business and art and had the opportunity to visit many Albanian cities.

What most rejoiced and surprised me at the same time was the fact that Ms. Natasha immediately took Albania under her protection, as if she was afraid that the interlocutors would start to complain and justify our country with its geographical dimension.

Needles to say, the politicians tried to be careful in their attitudes and mostly, as it randomly happens in politics, they blamed their political opponents for the lack of success. She listened to them and with the tranquility of a “saint” she told them:Image

“I am ready to do everything for Albania and Albanians. I need the help of each one of you to make your country an important factor in Balkans, Europe and beyond, regardless of who are the ones who lead Albania, democrats or socialists. Albanians are hospitable and very affectionate with foreigners. For me, Albania is really a small country, but its people have a big heart!”… It is the only country in Europe that loves America as if it was a part of her, an island detached from the body of the old American continent.

 America, our first “love”

It is known that there is no Albanian who has not dreamed at least once in his life of living in America, the land of big dreams, realities and miracles, as everyone names it.

To be more realistic, the relations Albania-America, during these twenty years of democracy, have been relatively good, after more than 50 years of total isolation. This comes maybe also because of the fact that around one million Albanians live in USA since many years, giving this way their contribution in the development and welfare of the land where freedom was born. The power of the Albanian factor in America was felt more during the Kosovo war when it was made possible the biggest help that another nation has ever given to our nation, the Independence of Kosovo.Image

Albania is an important country from the strategic viewpoint for Balkans and its partners, such as USA, and this because of the very favorable geographical position which transforms Albania into a very coveted center for the bilateral and multilateral regional and international relations.

It comes to my mind the speech of Mrs. Edit Harxhi, vice Foreign Minister of Albania, who has stated that: “The love for freedom makes more special the relationship between Albania and America”… And exactly from the most honored America came also this good friend of us and Albanians, Dr. Natasha Savage, who felt in the beautiful Albania like Columbus after discovering America.

Albania, a touristic discovery which is a must to be visitedImage

In a particular article for the favorite touristic destinations of 2011, the prestigious “Financial Times”, and the author of the article, Dan Linstead, estimate Albania as one of the most intriguing prospects for tourism: “…partly for its quiet, affordable Mediterranean beaches, partly for its rugged landscape. For active types, the biggest buzz is around the “Accursed Mountains” of the country’s far north – an isolated region of serrated 2,600m peaks populated by bears and wolves, with farming villages rich in folklore.

Waiting for the return

After visiting the touristic land of Albania, Dr. Natasha Savage felt amazed as if she was one of the daughters of the country of eagles, she felt more than Albanian. With the vision of this miracle in her heart, she left to come back very soon with the conviction that it is time to build new bridges of collaboration between our two friend countries, America and Albania.

I have no doubtsthe she will be back again soon and just like an angel sent by God she will work for Albania and Albanians.

Dear Natasha, Albania is waiting for you!

Dr. Dylbere Dika

Journalist  &  Director of DMPP

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Natasha (Natalya) Savage – A Global Humanitarian

Natasha Savage was born on 13th May 1962 in Azerbaijan. She was brought up and educated in her own country in Baku. She graduated in 1982 in Baku State University of Languages. After she got the Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics, English and French, she decided to continue her studies at the same University for her Master Degree. In 1984 Natasha took her Master of Education in the Baku State University of Languages where she was distinguished as an excellent student.Image

Natasha Savage has a very rich background in her work experience. During her life she has had different work experiences in several fields. Almost the whole of her career was developed in Washington, mainly in Seattle.  In 1995 she started working for the Dynamic Language Center in Seattle, Washington. She worked there as Interpreter and Translator until 2001. While she was in this job, she interpreted  at various medical and public service institutions, including the Department of Social and Health Services and the University of Washington Medical Center.  She was also certified by the State of Washington as a Russian language medical and social interpreter.

In 1995 Natasha was also working in the International Rescue Committee in Seattle, Washington She worked as a Case Manager there until 2001. Her job as a case manager involved many tasks and lots of responsibility for her. She managed refugee resettlement cases, she assisted immigrants and refugees to resettle in the United States, obtain employment, and apply for benefits.  She educated newly arrived immigrants and refugees about local customs and institutions and prepared immigration forms and coordinated client communications with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.  Natasha also maintained conduct with clients after resettlement to ensure that needs were met. She reported to regional director on case progress and status and gave presentations to immigrant community leaders and members of immigrant communities.Image

Between 1995 and 2001 Natasha Savage worked also as a Case Worker in the Department of Social and Health Services, Community services Office in Bellevue, Washington. As a case worker, she assisted members of immigrant and refugee populations to obtain benefits, jobs, and public services.  She managed client cases and responded to information requests concerning DSHS benefits and programs.  Natasha also prepared benefit applications and interviewed applicants to determine benefit eligibility and conducted benefit eligibility reviews.

In 2001 Natasha started working in the Department of Social and Health Services, Region 4, Community Services Division in Seattle, Washington. She was te Limited English Proficiency Coordinator until 2006. Natasha coordinated refugee resettlement program implementation.  She reviewed and established regional policy goals and reported to the Director of Community Services Division on case status and immigrant/refugee issues.  Natasha resolved conflicts and responded to complaints involving immigrants and refugees.  She worked with employment agencies and immigrant/refugee resettlement offices and  led meetings and made presentations to social workers, supervisors, and directors.Image

In 2001 Natasha Savage started working in RSPV Real Estate, Inc. in Seattle, Washington. She still works there as a Real Estate Broker. During all these that she worked there, she represented home buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.  She also executed purchase and sale agreements and negotiated agreement terms with other brokers. She supervised staff and prepared market reports and analyses for clients.  Natasha also coordinated client interactions with mortgage brokers, escrow services, and title services.  She represented corporate clients and builders in commercial real estate transactions.

Since 2009 Natasha Savage is President of Eastern-European American Chamber of Commerce. Since she came in this post, she established organizational goals and policies. Natasha oversaw operations and  presided over board meetings and reported to members on chamber projects and operations.  She organized immigrant/refugee community outreach programs, negotiated membership agreements and coordinated networking events with local business leaders.  Natasha also conducted informational seminars for investors and local political leaders and led business exchange delegations to Russia.Image

Natasha Savage has been appointed in different posts in several associations ad has also been a member in many council and organizations. From 2004 to 2006 she was a Member of the Board of Directors in Washington State Association of Realtors in Bellevue, Washington. From 2010 to 2011 Natasha was Chair of the Policy Committee in the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Urban Enterprise Center. From 2009 Natasha Savage is Vice-President of Northwest Chapter in International Real Estate Federation in Seattle, Washington. From 2009 Natasha is also Member of the Board of Directors in Ethnic Heritage Council in Seattle, Washington.

Natasha Savage is among the most committed peace missionaries in the International Lobbying Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN, EU and USA. She is an Honorary Consul of this mission that operates in the Balkans and all over the world for peace and prosperity in help of the countries under development, according to the principles of the American Democracy.

Arba Berdica

Advisor of DMPP

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