The Magic – Elona Alija

The girl named Elona Alija was born on 4 January 1994, a date that immediately recalls the beginning of the year, therefore, the new year celebration. This impression is reinforced with the appearance of this lovely charming lady. As a fine girl with black curly hair, with the resonant voice as the notes of a well-tuned piano, with the vitality and joy of a playful teenager, she gives you the impression that she has stolen the festive atmosphere of the new year to being a permanent symbol of its youth. So rightfully one can imagine her also as a little girl dressed as Santa Claus. Her sparkling presence is immediately noticeable in any environment, and one becomes curious to know something more about this attractive girl.FileImageSource000001185

Elona Alija lives in Kamëz. She has finished her studies in the high school “Ibrahim Rugova”. So her mischievous appearance reinforces one’s imagination exactly the profile of that playful high school girl that is described in the old Korça serenade that young lovers constantly sing while they anxiously wait at the high school entrance for the girl of their heart. The verses of the song say: “I followed you I followed you, on your way to the high school. I folloed you but you escaped, on your way to the pedagogical school “… And indeed such girls that radiate light and coquetry magically catch the eye of boys and elders, causing many sighs like” Eyes see and heart breaks “… Well there nothing you can do: Look and break out in front of these gifts that God has given this girl, Elona Alija. Ultimately the beauty graces mixed with the youth in the stature of a teenager have really been created to be admired, are an glowing world  that propels the vanes of the human spirit. And no one is to blame, neither Elona, nor any other beauty like her, nor their admirers. FileImageSource000001178This is life, wonderful and problematic at the same time, created by Almighty God.

Elona Alija states that she has many dreams and desires, just like all girls of her age. She finds delight in reading books, and she also writes verses passionately. She wants to become a journalist, but an economist as well. She wants to be an actress, but also to pose like fashion models. Normally these are desires that all teens with passionate nature as Elona have. It’s not only the appearance, but also the goodness of spirit, the flair with which Elona fascinates her admirers. One of the greatest desires of this girl is to see the world and people always in bloom, just like she blooms herself. That’s why she often imagines herself in the role of Santa Claus with the sack full of gifts for the people in need, especially children growing up in the economic poverty that characterizes the prolonged transition of the Albanian world. It is exactly this poverty that often encourages Elona’s imagination to become an economist. Perhaps she hopes to make some magic to change the world with her flairs. It’s her right. Who knows?! …Arba Berdica

So, Elona is since now a born gifted peace missionary. For her skills and dedication as a charitable girl to the people in need, Elona Alija in 2010 joined with the peace missionaries of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, who work voluntarily in the Balkan countries to quickly bring European civilization in these areas that are is still problematic. And she is a model missionary in the work she does.

Elona Alija has been a regular contributor for several years of the magazine “Eagle’s wing”, a prestigious edition of the International Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity. Through her ​​writing she brings readers a spirit of peace and development, the spirit of European civilization.

As for today the magic – Elona Alija radiates nothing but kindness and peace to all those around her …

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